There are more than 20 leg, foot or toe amputations each day due to diabetes. This is shocking, especially as four out of five of these amputations are preventable. This is where the Putting Feet First campaign comes in. We want to bring an end to the thousands of potentially preventable amputations affecting people with diabetes.

Raising awareness of diabetes amputations


What are we doing:

  • Ensuring people with diabetes know how to look after their feet

  • Feet First Mobile Foot Health Clinic® ensure clients receive the right treatment at the right time in the right place

  • Feet First Mobile Foot Health Clinic® are aware of the risk of diabetic foot disease and provide annual checks.


What you can do to put Feet First

We need you to help us. See below how you can be part of the solution:


People with diabetes
Do you want to get involved in our Putting Feet First campaign this year and help us raise awareness of diabetes-related amputations?


Share your story 
We want to hear your stories, whether you've been affected by foot problems or just want to tell us why you think the Putting Feet First campaign is so important. Share your story.


Look after your feet
Know how to look after your feet and know what care to expect from your practitioner .


Attend your annual foot check. It’s as important as your retinal screening appointment.


Know your risk of developing foot problems if Feet First Mobile Foot Health Clinic® discover anything untoward you will be immediately referred.


Make foot-care a part of your daily routine, just like managing your blood glucose and diet.


Be aware of any loss of sensation in your feet.


Ask someone to assess the feeling in your toes by doing the Touch the Toes test contact us for more details


Avoid using corn-removing plasters or blades.
Keep useful numbers handy, and know who to contact at the first sign of problems with your feet.


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